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At Central Brands Online, we believe that success in digital marketing is more than just generating likes, follows, and leads.

It’s about creating innovative online solutions and cutting-edge marketing strategies that propel your business forward and at the heart of it all increase growth and sales.

Solutions we offer


We set up and optimize an online store for your business, to help you maximize your online sales and turn eyeballs into customers.


Digital Marketing

We market and promote your brand online through social media, mobile devices and  other channels of advertising to reach more consumers. Making use of innovative data collection and consumer engagement, for more strategic marketing.



Artificial Intelligence-enabled chat assistance solutions that use analytics, NLP (natural language processing) and cognitive techniques to generate personalized responses based on customer information, past conversations, and locations, using corporate knowledge base and human expertise.


Full Digital Profile Management

We create and manage your business and brand’s digital profile, ensuring that all your media assets are perfectly aligned and maintain the same brand identity.


Artificial Intelligence

We are at the cutting edge of AI innovation and can help you integrate your digital profile with the latest AI solutions


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We know you’ve heard this all before.

The promise of more likes, more followers, more leads…

It’s not that we think those metrics aren’t important—they are!
But at Central Brands Online, we don’t just want to give you a boost in those areas. We want to get you the whole package: an online presence that is not only effective at driving traffic to your e-commerce store, but also efficient and scalable so that it can grow with your business as you continue to develop it.

That’s why we offer complete solutions for our clients. We take the time to understand your unique needs and help you set up systems from front to back-end that will positively impact your online marketing efforts while also making it easier for you to run your business. This gives us the ability to optimize your business according to its unique needs, giving you the capacity to do more and scale your business to new heights!


Your business is unique.

We get that. And we want to help you work the way you do—so that your online marketing leads to sales and profits, your business systems can accommodate and perfectly fit the work your company does like a tailor made glove improving efficiency and reporting to astronomical levels.

But if we have to be honest, not every business has the profit margins capable of making profitable returns from digital marketing campaigns. It’s a hard pill to swallow right? But it’s true, and most agencies don’t let you in on this secret—sometimes they don’t even do enough research to come to this realization. That’s why we can’t help everyone, because the services we provide are not fit for every business . But let’s find out if we can help you?


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Clients we have worked with…

COBI – IVA | Chat Bot


Informational Bot

Enable businesses to share important information with their customers through digital channels, including FAQs, contact details, store locations, and other relevant information.


Defelction Virtual Agent

Empower businesses to provide information through digital channels, allowing customers to communicate with live agents when needed. Agents can assist with creating, updating, and checking the status of customer tickets. Supports additional rich features and interaction types.


Intelligent Automation Virtual Agent

Offers businesses extensive automation and integration capabilities for both internal and external customer journeys and business processes. Enables digital fulfilment, conversational commerce, and integration with major platforms like Google Dialogue Flow, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Lex.




Advanced chatbots that understand and interpret human language. NLP bots analyze and extract meaning from user inputs, while NLU bots go further to extract relevant information and determine appropriate responses. They enhance chatbot interactions by enabling accurate comprehension and more effective conversations.


Customer Support Chat Desk

Enables direct communication between customers and live agents, seamlessly integrated with Deflection Agent and Intelligent Automation Agent. Provides enterprise-grade features such as routing, departmental configuration, advanced chat management, and detailed reporting. Supports additional rich features and interaction types.


Chat Broadcaster

Allows businesses to send outbound messages to customers and employees. Messages can be sent in bulk or individually, and can trigger chatbot, virtual agent, or live agent sessions upon user response. Offers ad-hoc or scheduled messaging for operations, support, and marketing purposes. Integrates with in-channel template management for easy utilization of pre-approved templates.


Multi Channel Bots

Chatbots that are capable of operating on multiple channels simultaneously. These bots can interact with users through various channels, such as websites, mobile apps, SMS, or voice platforms. Multi channel bots allow businesses to reach and engage users through their preferred channels, expanding their reach and providing flexibility in customer interactions. They enhance accessibility and convenience by being available across different communication channels


Omni Channel

Advanced chatbots that operate seamlessly across multiple channels, such as websites, messaging apps, social media platforms, and more. These bots ensure consistent and cohesive experiences for users, allowing them to switch between channels while maintaining context and continuity in their interactions. Omni channel bots enable businesses to engage customers effectively across various touchpoints, providing a unified and integrated experience.



We build, create and develop your websites, giving it the professional look and feel you want.


We ensure that your website is safe, secure and performing smoothly, both on the front and back end. This keeps you ahead and your visitors satisfied with your services.


Marketing on social media gives you the opportunity to advertise directly to your desired audience and increase your sales funnels.


 Increase the organic visibility of your website and the drive of traffic with search engine optimized content.


We design and create graphics that will bring your brand image to life and give your business the professional look it deserves.


As experts in Targeted advertising. Our methods are proven in increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and reaching the right people with the right message, ultimately driving better results and maximizing the chances of achieving your desired action or conversions.


Add more value to your already engaged audience by keeping them informed on new deals through newsletters and email marketing.


Boost your conversion rate by moving your customers with engaging and sales convincing content. 

People talk …

Ntombi Mthembu

“We’re really impressed with Central Brands Online’s bot building skills. Their COBI chatbots work seamlessly with our digital strategy. We’ve seen real improvement in customer interaction and our customer support processes is so much smoother.”

Emma Brown

“Central Brands Online has exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Their team is highly responsive, proactive, and committed to delivering exceptional results. They have helped us establish a solid online presence, improve our search engine rankings, and drive targeted traffic to our website. We highly recommend their services to any business looking for digital marketing expertise.” –

Liam Johnson

“Central Brands Online is the secret ingredient to our online success. Their email marketing campaigns have been incredibly effective in driving conversions and nurturing customer relationships. Their team understands our brand and target audience, and they consistently deliver engaging and personalized email content. We have seen a substantial increase in our email open rates and customer engagement since partnering with them.” –

Tiaan van der Merwe

Central Brands Online has really great comprehensive digital marketing services, I didn’t understand how many customers I was loosing until they optimised and all of my online assets.







Sipho Khumalo

“Central Brands Online’s COBI has enhanced our customer experience in a big way . Their bot building expertise allowed to have personalised chatbots across different channels in our business. Their attention to detail they really went all out for us.”

Jabulani Ncube

“Their COBI solution has allowed us to create customized chatbots across multiple channels, enhancing our customer engagement and streamlining our operations. The team’s expertise in both digital marketing and bot development is truly impressive. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Coenraad de Klerk

“Central Brands Online is amazing! They improved our online presence and helped us build a an amaizing brand identity. they are real experts in web design and social media marketing, and working with them has been a pleasure and we’ve seen actual benefit and growth.”

Olivia Taylor

“Central Brands Online’s Chatbot service has been a game-changer for our business. Their expert bot building capabilities have enabled us to create chatbots that provide seamless customer interactions and deliver valuable information. Central Brands Online’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the bot building space is commendable.”

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About us

We are Central Brands Online and we’re here to help you grow your business.

We’re founded on five pillars that hold us together into producing the best possible results for our clients. The first pillar is innovation; we bring innovative solutions to the table. Secondly, we’re result-orientated, we ensure that our approach to our work brings the best results. Continuous learning is the third pillar, following that we’re in a fast-paced industry and we cannot afford to fall behind, being on top of our game is imperative. The fourth pillar is respect; we have a great deal of respect for our clients and the work we do for them. Lastly, we work smart; we use efficient techniques that produce quality results at all times.

With over 15 years of experience, Tommie Marais founded Central Brands Online with the goal of helping other businesses reach their full potential through digital marketing solutions that are customized for each client’s needs and goals.