Rhema Tree Fellers – Project

Original price was: R12,000.00.Current price is: R8,000.00.

Facebook Page Setup, Fixing, and Optimization
Review and enhance the existing Facebook page.
Implement best practices for branding, content optimization, and engagement strategies.

Google Tag Manager Setup
Install and configure Google Tag Manager to streamline tracking and analytics across your website.

Google Analytics 4 Setup
Configure and integrate Google Analytics 4 to provide comprehensive insights into user behavior and website performance.

Google Search Console Setup
Set up and verify your website on Google Search Console for improved site visibility and performance monitoring.

Google Looker Studio Report
Create and customize reports using Google Looker Studio to visualize and analyze data for actionable insights.

Website Optimization
Develop new, SEO-optimized content to enhance the website’s relevance and visibility.
Improve website integration to ensure a seamless user experience across all platforms.



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