Google Business Profile

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What is included:
  1. Create the Google Business Profile Account
  2. Register your non Gmail account with Google (if applicable)
  3. Enter or update your online business information
  4. Enter or update your location
  5. Enter or update your contact information
  6. Verify your business with Google
  7. Enter or update your business hours
  8. Set your messaging preferences
  9. Write or update your business description
  10. Add photos of your business and logos (What you have)
  11. Verify your location
  12. Add special features and attributes
  •  Hotels can display class ratings, sustainability practices, highlights, check-in and out times, and amenities.
  •  Restaurants and bars can upload menus, dish photos, and popular dishes.
  •  Service-oriented businesses can display a list of services.
  •  Businesses also have access to different types of buttons based on their category, such as appointment bookings, reservations, and orders.



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